Our Story

Vicki.  Female, white, in 30s, wearing navy dungarees and pink top sitting with legs and arms crossed in front of a sewing machine.

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I'm Vicki, or Victoria, and I am the creative entrepreneur behind Folklore Stitches Studio.  I have quilted for many years, and designing for just as long, as my very first quilt I designed from scratch, cutting templates out of cardboard and sewing it up on my gran's sewing machine.  My design process and skills have developed a lot from those early days, but my love of quilting and sewing in general are still just as strong.

I am a generally creative person and when not quilting I am often found dressmaking and knitting.

Creating stories one stitch at a time

Every quilt has a story behind it and I look forward to sharing these stories with you.  The start of that story for me is the initial source of inspiration.  This can come from many places, from nature, architecture, a story I am reading, or perhaps a specific fabric, to name but a few sources.

I then move onto drawing up the initial design and then the, sometimes many, revisions, to get a final design that I am happy with.

At that point I move onto fabric selection, if I haven't already chosen it, to compliment the design and inspiration behind the quilt.  Then onto cutting and sewing up the design ahead of the release date.

Your story

Similarly, I believe those that quilt from my patterns are creating their own story one stitch at a time.  Be that a story for themselves, or to be gifted to be enjoyed by others.

Our aim is to bring you beautiful patterns, which provide you with a step in the creation of your story.

Folklore Stitches Studio

What's behind our name?  Our name is mainly driven by my love of reading, and how I view the design process and the making of a quilt being part of a story.

Also, story telling is something often done between the generations, between loved ones and family members, and similarly quilts are often made and gifted and ultimately loved and passed down through the generations.  So the name felt perfect to reflect the story behind the business.

I am looking forward to quilting with you and creating stories one stitch at a time.

Victoria  x